Mixed up


With mixed media with yarn and material makes a different type bag.  Sometimes life gets all mixed up and the best laid plans do not work out. We become a different type of person if we let life affect us to a point of bitterness.  Sure I fell and can not do what I want to do but now I need to slow down.

We have trials in this life and we do not have the big picture.  We do not see the trees because of the forest.  We talk but do not really listen.  Why?  We forgot to be humble and remember we do not know it all.  If we knew it all would we not walk on water?

egg: Simmer water and drop an egg slowly  and cook until your taste.  Top on some buttered toast.

Pressed Ham and cheese sandwich with favorite sauce.

Meat loaf and mash potatoes,  and salad

1 and 1/2 pounds of hamburger,  1/2 pound of pork,  1/4 cup onion,  1/8 tea. salt and pepper,  1 med carrot and potato grated,  2 eggs beaten,  3/4 cup of milk,  2 cups of cracker crumbs,  1/4 teaspoon each: chili powder, Italian seasoning,  and garlic powder. Mix all together.  Press in a loaf pan and bake 350 for about 1 hour.

craft: measure how long you want your bracelet.  Single Crochet three lines and then brad.  If you want beads on your bracelet be sure to put the beads on the yarn after you cut the yarn and as you weave the stitch place your bead and crochet and place another bead as you want your pattern.  Decide your pattern before you start so that you know how many beads you need.

Parenting.  Be sure when you state to do some to the child that you check back on it that they do it.  If they do not repeat later and then later ask if they did it.

Story starter: There was someone crying in the distance.  Do I go into the darkness and find out if they are okay or do I call out or do I ……………………..

organize: If have many projects put each of them in different containers.  For example all beads in one container. Or all reds in one container if you work with cloth.

games: race with an egg a certain distance.  There is a spoon in the mouth.  Each spoon has an egg.  Run Run and try not to break the egg.


If you are all mixed up just wait awhile and something else strange will happen:  Why………………… that’s life.


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