Walk the Challenge

jly 090

On the side of the hill is danger if we do not know how to climb..   With knowledge and wisdom  and practice we learn how to climb our challenges.


Parenting: All children need guidance.  We explain to them what is needed to be done.  It takes time on our part to double check to see if they did the job but for us  repeating what needs to be done is important. A gentle reminder even if it takes two or more times.  If you do not double check you might have some things happen in the future happen if you do not check on them at the time.

One day I was in the kitchen and looking for a pan.  It was no where to be found.    I just used another pan and then as weeks went by I started smelling something.  It was very bad order .   I got my nose to find the nasty smell.  Oh no, there was several pans under neath the sink.  I found out later my son was given advice from one of his friends to hide the dishes instead of doing them.   Parents pay for not teaching the young children what not to do and what to do.  Explaining why helps them to understand purpose.  Do not spend over 15 minutes or your voice will be bla bla bla.  ….Sometimes it helps to give them a to do list and teach them how to do a to do list.

game: Jungle breakfast (find food)  Much research is needed.  Do not eat wild mushrooms or red berries.  They could be harm full.

craft: Make a miniature room in a shoe box   Can use construction paper.   It con be 3 dimentional by cut and paste.  Cut a rectange out.  Cut one inch corner on one side.  glue and put legs on it by putting holes after dry.  These are for some chairs.  Many things can be added with your room and to make a bed to the same as chair but glue 4 courners together.

organize: you need to be a leader.  Goals: Influence the behavior of others.  Two type of leadership (look for group’s goals; influence the members to follow action.  Tell leadership: create agreement between members, create order among grup members and concered about keeping righteousness and minimizing arguemts.  There is much planing steps: consider what needs to be done.  who does what, when, where, and how.  Consider the resources: what time is available?  What are the skills of the group; and what equipment and supplies are needed and available?  What other items should be considered?  Remember feel successful and be successful.

Have a daily to do lists; get organized; and meditate every day.

breakfast: Ham cut into squares and beat eggs and drop into a warm buttered pan.  warm your tortea   Put egg mixture that has been cooked into the warm tortea.

Lunch: slice turkey, cheddar cheese, slice chicken, lettuce and tomato.  The sandwiches  with other meats and cheeses make this a nice summer meal evven for supper.


Supper: Stuffed potato:  favorite chily, bake potato.  Warm chili.  When potato is ais done pour chili on potato on it and grate cheese on top.  When cheese melted put chives and sour cream on top.  A nice side green salad on the side.

Story starter:  There was a knock on the window and it was midnight it was a horror………


We all have challenges in life and we have to hang onto the fact that tomorrow will be better.  Also there is ALWAYS AN OUT AND ANOTHER WINDOW TO A CLOSED DOOR.  I found an artical  by winston Churchill…… Success is never final, fallure is never fatal; It is courage that counts”————

I say about the shooting of the police.  I am greatly sadden.  We need leaders and not bullies.

Some American are not teaching our children that all are equal.  We are not teaching our children the basics: the ten commandments are for everyone.  How to understand another  is a challenge like the so called falling rocks.  Some rocks fall and others do not.  Some people are nice and have a good heart while others do not.  Until we see each other as people and not race the rocks will continue to fall.


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