Slowly Heal


There is a picture of a man if you look real close in the old picture.  Can we heal?  I look at our nation so divided.  Thinking only certain life matters and so on.  I was watching a show today ” Touch by an Angel”  and it stated if good man stand by and do nothing when there is wrong things happening.  We are people and darkness should not overcome us.  Once darkness does we have a hard time seeing the light.  In fact we do not like the light.  Some close their eyes and with prideful look do their own thing without thought of others.  Then like a many cars crashing there is great harm to many lives.

Parenting: Since my fall I have had time to slow down and think about our country.  Think what really matters?  We need to teach our young ones about rules.
They see what goes around and our example.  Our example is their truth.  Like a computer garbage in is garbage out.  If I see something on the tv and it is wrong teaching for our youth, I say to them what is wrong and what the truth is.

recipes:  Let us think about history.  There was a great depression and many were hungry and died.  I wonder what about now where there is very few farms and many do not know what it takes to grow anything.  My grandfather tried farming one summer and the crops failed and he walked many miles and gave up farming.  N o one taught him how.  Some years I have been told crops fail.  That is why you can food and have reserves.  The Indians dried their meat and fruits for the winters and hard times.  We seem to have lost that art.  They did not have air conditioners and slept outside many of them during the summer.  Learn what you can about canning and growing food.  Pressure canning is a great thing to learn.  Prepare for the worse is not a bad thing.  Over doing it where your saving food and it spoils is not a good thing either.  Take time and do what is right for your self and your family.  Be prepared is a good motto that Scouting has taught me and I do try.

Breakfast: fried eggs,  cook your biscuits as your recipte is but put them inside of and orange which has been cut in half and segments taken out.  Cook acording to recipe.

Lunch:  Roll your biscuit flat.   Place a slice of cheese on each biscuit and place either sauceage or hot dog in each middle and roll up.  Bake according to biscuit recipe.

Supper: zucchini parmesan: Layer a casserole dish with the following: spaghetti sauce slice zucchini,  sliced chicken,  parmesan cheese,  and keep layering same until casserole dish is full and then sprinkle with cracker crumbs.  Can sprinkle each layer with a light 1/4 teaspoon of Italian seasoning and with a mixture of salt and pepper.  Can serve this over spaghetti noddles when done    bake 350 until bubbly.

game:  On a piece of paper cut out different small pictures about 26 items.  Look at the page for 30 sec.  then turn it over.  Write down what you saw.

Organize: If you are triping on something or things are falling on the floor over and over again start there.  First grab a handful of papers and stuff them inside a small bag.  Have a runner and this would be great for smaller children and be sure to give thme some type of reward.  Now sit down and tell the child or other person where the object goes.Be sure to have a trash bag near.  Also have a box for giving away thing also near by.

Deside you are not going to place anything beside you.  Make sure everyting has a home.  You may have to just take a picture and give it away or sale it to someone else.  Just be firm with yourself.  If it stays on the floor or is in a box some where you are not using it anyway and why be selfish.

My mom use to say eye sores get rid of first. As you open the door what mess do you see first.  If you see no mess take a picture of it and the next day or when you are away look at the picture.  I did and I said to myself Oh, my is that a mess in the corner.

crafts:  Cover your whole sheet of paper with charcol and then draw with your eraser.   It is a fun way to have rub outs.  Be sure to spray it at the end or you will have black on your elbows .. ha ha.

Can we heal? As we see the almost hidden picture of a man there is hope if we only focus on the light.  Remember in darkness we stumble and fall.  If you do not believe t think so try going to a new place without light at midnight.  Ouch.

Story starter:  I was in line for food but as I got there there their pan was empty.  My stomach was growing and there children were looking at me and crying I am hungry.  If only I had ……

We can slowly heal from anything if we let our light shine.

This be positive and focus on the light and make the time to help another person like Christ would.    There are times when we need to acept help and do that with a humble heart.   I am greatful that some have given me help in my time of need. Have a great smile-ly day.


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