Hand Out Reach


Why does the darkness not know who will win?  When will they learn that when you do bad it will come back to bite you.  You never win with dishonesty.   The sad thing is that once someone lets darkness win they are blinded by the lies. We need to reach out to others and even reach out over the obstacles.  I read that a wise man will gain wisdom when someone fusses at him and listen and change.  But a un-wise man will fall when someone fusses at him because he does not listen and consider the consequences.

We need to rally not to fight but to listen.  Some are so ready to judge another that they do not listen to each others side.  The sky can be bright or a nightmare depending on our view of the world.

Food:  Breakfast  Hand food: Mix up some biscuit’s with sausage and cheese and put each in a muffin tin.  Bake as usual and can mix it up with other meats that have been left over.

Lunch: It is good to know the basic white sauce.  For years I did not know how.  It was pasty and yucky.  All I needed was to slowly cook it longer.  The med sauce is 1 cup of 2 tablespoons of fat,  2 tablespoons of flour, 1/2 teaspoon of salt.  Many people love to put lots of pepper in it too.  Just remember to rub the flour into the fat and then slowly all the milk.  I use can milk many times and use only one can and it makes it creamy.  You can put pressed ham, beef, boiled eggs chopped up or any left over and you have a meal.  If you make pies you can use this sauce with veg. and meat and make a pot pie.   Good recipe to learn to make soups too.

Supper: Tuna fish sandwich and cream of potato soup: A great mix is Tuna sandwich spread: a mix of mayo, ketchup, pickle relish, cut up and mashed boiled egg.  Ps the best way to boil an egg or more is to put the eggs in cold water and start the timer and cook for 20 min.  then take out of boiling water and cool for 5 min.  If you leave it in the shell longer it turns gray on the egg.  Mix the tuna with all and can add your favorite cheese too.  Wow, what fun.  buy or make some cookies.

Craft, game, and/or organize:  On a key holder you make or buy spray paint it wild.  Take some painters tape and tape over spots you do not want painted like stripes.  Spray and let dry and then spray again and let dry.  Can do this with several layers and great effects and then make a rectangle with pockets galore and with this be sure to put ribbon or crochet some ties on left end and right end and hang.  Fill your pockets with things you or your children love to do or need in an office.  Make others for friends and other rooms.  Neat gifts.  You can even buy clothes hanger on and put names on it.  For a game toss soft balls and try to put the balls inside the pocket.  Can put points on the pocket and who has the most points win.

Parenting: It is a great idea with the game above to teach good sportsmanship.  We can not always win.  It is okay to loose and it is best not to get angry for there are things we can win while other things we can not.  We are all different with different talents and can contribute to the world with our greatests light.

Story starter:  I stood amazed for right before me was the greatest man I had every seen and I reached out for his hand and he ………


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