The Hole


In the mist is a box.  A shinny box and there is the unknown.  Should I open it or leave it alone?    Oh, it is tempting to open and see its treasure.  What if it is gold or treasure untold.  Why not open this box?  It is blur.  Oh it is so tempting.  I was told not to open it has a big black hole.  But why not take a chance?

I guess that’s what happens to our thinking when we choose the wrong thought.  Once we are told not to open it.  That should be our sign not to because we trust our friend to be telling us the truth.  Sometimes we run away from the truth because the darkness comes easy we think.  But then the sudden stop of reality slaps us up side the face and we end up in jail.   Advice comes in many forms: Listen and learn for what a man sewth so shall he reap.


Wild scramble eggs:  Beat up your eggs how many you have.  Use left over potatoes and whither it is hash browns, cheesy potatoes or french fries.  Next you grate up your favorite cheese and place in a bowl, next tortes chips you buy at the store.  Next you cut up chives and place in another bowl.  Start your pan with fat and yes it can be bacon if you wish.  You can crumble it up and put it on your eggs at the end.  Next add the potatoes, as they are getting brown,  (remember these are leftover potatoes and if they are frozen you must cook it longer.  Then add a mixture of beaten eggs, chives, and then cheese,  After it is down crumble the tortes chips on top.  (I really loves this meal.  It uses left overs and you can add ham or other left over meats.

Lunch:  blue berry bagels and ham and cheese.  Sound crazy: It is great on the run.  I remember having this when I was busy in college.

Supper: Pork chops and pineapple on top with a little brown sugar.  Mash potatoes and green beans with mustard on top.


craft and parenting:  buy clay or make home made clay.  Make a place on the table for who ever you are watching while you are doing dishes or cooking.  Let them play with it and when you make time to sit down grab a piece of clay and make something.  It is great for stress.

games: If I remember right I use to play as a child Blue bird:  The group forms a circle and there is one chosen to be the blue bird.  The song was sung like Blue bird blue bird through my window.  Of course you can make any bird or make it funny stating a dog jumped in the window.  But whatever you choose you sing the song and the animal goes under the arms of each person.  Of course they are holding hands .    at the end you sing Oh aren’t you tired the arms goes down and the person on the right of the animal becomes the animal.  Make it more fun by letting the child choose their own animal and make their own sounds of that animal.


organize: Be sure that when you ask the runner in the last organize tip be sure to later be sure they put it up right and correct place.  You are teaching them good habits.  If you remind them that it is important to put it in the right place so that when you need it you know where it is.  Focusing on your highest priorities is really important.  Believe you can do it.

Be sure to write down what you are going to do for the day and it helps greatly by putting a colored star to motivate you.  I place my daily task on one side of a notebook and place a star be side them.  Then I know I have red, yellow, green, silver, blue, and red.  These I write beside them what I do daily I want to do.  For example the silver and yellow is the highest priorities.  Be sure to make one of the task for something you like to do.


self help:  Find a time even if it is only 5 minutes to have total quiet.  Sometimes it will have to be after your children are asleep or even in the bath room.  Your goal is to find a balance with yourself and to know you are so important and you have a right to be here.

Story Starter:  Oh no, I am really lost.  I thought all I needed was to go down this path and there would be my group.  None of these trees look familiar and oh no something is behind me!

Just remember the box and how you can get into trouble by not listening to the light and opening the unexpected could be your worst mistake. Have a great smile-ly day.


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