Wisdom:  It is time to be and time to stand.  A time to smile and a time to walk the extra mile for another.  A time to dance.  There is a time to help and a time to let go.  Time to meditate and a time for action.  A time to give and a time to receive.  A time to make time for the ones we love.  Time can not be replaced nor changed and only stops for One.  If we seek the light then Charity glows.

organize:  plan:  how to start planning.   How to start?  Write down and name the project.  If possible and if it is a large possible put in a stack-able container.  Time: When it will start and then when it needs to be finished when and what time and which time or occasion.

What time is available for the project and how much time is needed to finish the job.  Where does it happen and in what place does it happen.  How does it happen Consider what needs to be done ; break down in small parts, write down and say who does what; consider the resources you have, materials on hand or can buy and people that can help what are the skills of the group and each person What equipment and supplies are needed and available;  What other items should be considered.


Crafts:  Take sheets of paper and with water colors drops dot the sheets with different colors.  The Let each sheet dry.  Cut each sheet in small triangles in different lengths.  Then take some string or yarn and glue tiny spots on each triangle and roll like large end to the smaller end.  Have fun.


surprise breakfast:  Have everyone write down what they would want for breakfast.  Then the night before (or when you go to store)  grab one by one the note and that is week’s breakfast. Be sure to plan correctly so that one day has to be a fast day that you have a quick dish.  But be sure to pick up the next day the breakfast so no one feels left behind.

Lunch sloppy Joes:  As you get your pan hot put your Hamburger in the pan and add 1/4 teaspoon each add Italian seasoning, garlic, salt and peper  chili powder,  cut up onions and tomatoes or stewed tomatoes.  If there is too much fat in the hamburger meat drain.  If not add the rest of the stuff.  Add two tablespoons of ketchup. Slowly cook the sloppy joes for a while until thick.  Pour over buns or slices of bread depending on how hungry you are.

Supper: grab some Hamburger and Except for the tomatoes or stewed tomatoes mix all the ingredients.  Roll in to balls and then roll into flour.

story starter: Ouch and you better ………..

Time to go for now before my battery stops Have a great day…..







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