The Key?


Wisdom: Where is the key to happiness?  A smile? Much money?  an adventure?  To much is received  and much to give.  Much given joy is increased.


Craft: Find pictures of birds and pick one (let children have their choice)  Let them draw a tree and then take tissue paper that is different browns and blacks and grays and tare and glue strips of then on the tree.  Can water color the sky and other objects they choose.


recipe:  Breakfast: One cup of rice and two cups of water and a tablespoon of butter.  Simmer on med heat for about 20 min.  When done put into a bowl with about 1 tablespoon of sugar.  Add as much milk as you want.  Great cheap breakfast.  I use to have this when I was young.

Omelet sandwich  Have your choice of leftovers and put chess or whatever and make a sandwich out of it with tomatoes and lettuce.

Supper:  Jazz it up with a meat loaf and put a peeled potato in the middle  or roll it up with your favorite cheeses.  I saw this recipe in an old cook book.

game: Jump rope  in time with the music and see who can jump the longest.


Organize:  Someone once told me I could get more information with magazines than with hard back books.  Well they failed to tell me that magazines can become a pain when there are too many.  I heard that someone saved so many magazines that his floor caved in.  Big hole.

Be sure is that magazine really what you want or need.  In life you do have to make hard choices.  Be nice to yourself but remember that if we worship our things they will control us.  Many things can happen to things fire, flood, tornadoes and other disasters.  Yes the key is not to love something that does not love you back as the saying goes.


Parenting.  Did you tell you child that you love them today.  Be sure to tell them that you believe in them.  Making time to talk could help so many children that go bad.  I was so proud of a lady who saw her son misbehaving and on national tv.  pretty much told him with her smacking him that he was out of line.    There is a difference in beating a child and getting just their attention.  A child that is beaten is wrong it is an adult out of control.

Story starter:  On the back of the garden was a broken house.  How strange I did not noticed that before now.  Something ran past me I………………………………..

The key is to stand up and be counted.  Our forefathers of this nation would want us to choose the right. It is not who is govern us but what standards do they have and their heart.  The Key is the tender heart.


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