Sky Ahead


We  may not know what is ahead..What time we may fall or when we need courage.  The challenge is when to stand for the right or when to let go of the past and let our light shine.

missing missing missing how many times can things be missing it can drive a person crazy   but is that in a plan too?  We look to the stars and see the sun set but how we can answer why do we miss so many things????

Breakfast: cantaloupe and sweet Roll: you can raise the fruit and make the roll and later when I learn how to make a sweet roll I will share that with you.  But this is just an idea for the morning as for now.  Sometimes I would run out of ideas for breakfast.  Being a mom and working with children for over thirty years I can testify children love sweets.  Sweets do go a long way ….. not all the time but just for fun because life does have its challenges even for small fries.

lunch:  Your favorite fries covered with warm chili and cheese oooooooh gooooooooe

dinner:  Milk shake and Hamburger.  Have you ever had a milk shake.   Well all it is is milk and your favorite ice cream.  Stir it well or use a mixer.    Heat your pan and place a patty of burger on the pan.  When ready turn it over and place your favorite cheese on top.  cook until brown and golden.  Some like their bun grilled.  That does make it taste good too.  Some even grill some onions and put inside their bun.


Parenting: No means no.  That is a hard stand to swallow sometimes for sometimes you want to say oh they look so cute.  Its okay this time.  No I say no means no.  Just remember to say no could save their life in the future.  If you remember that then the word No will be so much easier.

Self help:Encourage someone today.   When you encourage someone you help your self.

Organize:  When you have helpers sometimes things get misplaced.  Then step back remember that things are not so important.  Meditate pray for help.  Then do something else.  Most of the time it will show up.


Story starter:  Behold this is the glass that …….

craft:  Cut out different pictures and glue all over one page.  You can frame or just hang with a nail.———-

game Guess different songs  Play many and see who can guess the most.
Well no matter what is ahead just remember you can handle anything if you prepare and never take a step unless you see where you are going.  Have a great smilely day.

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