Just a little decor


Just for a little money you can have a theme of Chinese meal.  Let your light so shine even for one small image.  Just one good deed.


breakfast: Vienna Sausage and eggs.  Scramble your eggs until lightly yellow.  Warm pan and pour butter and then sausage.  Add your own favorite cheeses into the egg mix.  Then gently scrape pan as the low heat pan cooks eggs cook until nice and fluffy.

buy your favorite egg rolls or make them for lunch.  It takes practice.  Make a mix with your favorite meat and cabbage   and roll them up sides up first and then roll middle.

supper: can beans and bacon and then mash beans in a separate bowl.  Fry bacon until crisp. On the side warm tortes. Take bacon out and then put beans into pan.  Stir until warm and be sure to keep on low heat to not burn the beans.  Fill the Tortes with cheese then bean and then bacon and roll.


Parenting: Put down the phone the gaming and tv.  Really listen to what your child has to say.  They can teach us much if we listen.  There should not be silent tears that they shed that we do not make the time to listen.  Sure we need down time to unwind.

When we are angry and can not listen but to say I need a time out with words that they understand you can make a connection that will last a life time.  Many children are screaming inside will someone listen to me and love me.

Self help……… Sometimes there is nothing left but to scream!!!!!!!!  Honk your horn and just loose it.  Just for a moment we just need take a breathe and eat an ice cream and say ouch.  We take another deep breath and say to our self I am a nice person.  I am doing my best even those who are around me does not want to work with me.  We can not please everyone.

We are only one person.  Please take time to meditate at this time and give your self credit and state everything will be okay for now.

organize: Write down the spices that your have.

games  Make cards with letters and match them or make words out of them.

Story Starter:  There was a scream that echoed through the mountains and the abandon house……


Just a little decor or change of menu or change of scenery can make us smile again.


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