Job and NC

Angel purse I made for baby showers

I was looking at a potty  for outside and many have names for it like john or out house.  I was thinking it would be a horrible job for any one to have to take care of them.  Then I thought a job now a days is good as long as it is honest.  It is sad that some look down at others because they have a different job or what some may call lower class.  We are all equal and like one acter dated we all have red blood.

Whether it is a humble job of a waitress, or a job of a doctor, or engineer,  we must understand we all have knowledge in some thing or another.  The great joy lies when we understand it is in humility and courage to do what is right that makes us the best we can be.  Is not our goal to be an angel of light?

Breakfast: Scramble your eggs with sausage and leftover potatoes.  Next fry some corn Tortilla and with a fork bend the round part of the tortilla and lift up until crisp.  You can put lettuce and tomato and cheese on your morning.  What is nice you can put left over meat with the scramble eggs.  I have even used left over turkey

lunch: Pork n beans with cut up hot dogs and do not forget the milk.

Supper: Pepper steak and round the hamburger into patties.  When the burgers have been turned over, Cut up into small pieces bell peppers and toss; next pour stewed tomatoes. and chopped onion and cook over very low heat.  I sprinkle Italian seasoning on top and let it simmer until the tomatoes are thicker and meat and veg. are done.  Serve with mash potatoes and green salad.

Parenting: take a walk with your child or children. Start around the house at first if you have not been walking.

Craft:  I was thinking about a craft I did as a child.  I dropped some paint on some paper and took a  drinking straw and blow the painted spot in many directions.   Use as many colors as you can.

Story Starter:  I took a long walk into the woods.  Never was I there before now and suddenly to my right was an old mansion I did not see that before.  I must have been well hidden.  The adventure I must check ———————

organizing:  Before you go buy a bunch of containers measure you spot and deside what you are going to store.  Think out side of the box and you can find a new adventure in organizing yourself.

game:  make a paper airplane and try to fly it into a clothes basket.

Hang in there the world does seem dark much now but the light will shine more if we combine it with hope, prayer, and faith.  Have a fantastic  smile-ly day.

Oh by the way NC means someone that has no class.  Have class today: believe in yourself and serve some one to make a better world. Thanks for reading my blog.

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