Far Reaching Hope


There is a key to hope that we often overlook.  As I looked at a lettuce head that had wilted I had forgotten it in a bowl.  A few days later I noticed a beautiful leaf hidden in the wilten leaves.  Hidden within all the saddeness of the dead leaves was hope of new life.  Often we look at all the bad times and overlook the good.  The key is focusing on the light.Smile no matter how hard the times are and if someone is making the other person mad serve them.

Parenting and Craft: Wow, we can play school with our children.  Let them be the teacher.  Letting them be the teacher will teach them things that they did not know.

organizing:  Do what I did not do and had a fall out by not doing these steps.  Draw the basic blueprint of the room.  Use a tape measure or ruler to measure all your space.  Also count on the heavy items in each item.  I did not do this and my plasic bins came crashing down with beads everywhere.  Create cutouts and move the cutouts around to find theme best layout.

breakfast: Sometimes just having cereal with milk is good to have.

for lunch: My friend made these and they were really good.  In a toaster oven (or grill in the oven.  slice of bread for each person and a slice american cheese.  Then on top of that place a slice of tomato.  Sprinkle with oregano.  Bake until golden toast and cheese is melted.  Be sure it is on low heat.

Supper: Rotisserie chichen,  potato salad and green beans.  The left over chicken can put barbeque sauce on it.


Do not give up hope is on the way.  Hope is the impossible and no matter how time movesso slowly for what you want in life. Just remember like the leaf it over coves the death.  The key to survive is reach for the light and do not let go of it.  Have a great day.

story starter: Comfort snow touches my face as I reached out for…….


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