The to do list for the day

No matter what I put on that to do list if I am not willing to do it or make time for it nothing will change.  Change is a process.  You have to say I want to change.  Then  figure how to change. You may need help and be humble to take that help.    Like making a cake, you first get the ingredient and measure the right amount.  Too much of any thing the cake will not be a cake but a mess.  You must go by the recipe.  Change is a choice and the choice can be great but it has sacrifice,  If you choice is the wrong ingredient this choice is wrong and you pay the consequences.   Reaching out for help is the greatest power a human has here on earth.  I remember the song “No man is an Island”  It is so true.

Meals I call on the pot-luck day.  Look in frig and mix and match for break, lunch and dinner.   Lunch is easy: a can of tuna mixed with mayo, boiled eggs, grated cheese, pickles.   supper: On a baking sheet put several meals on it that has lasted over the last week.


craft:  grab a recipe of bread dough and let the children learn how.  Making things out of bread dough is fun.


Make a list of what you spend and how much you make.  Make a journal and put every thing you spend and even some soda.  You will not believe how much you spend.  Then you can find where you can cut corners to save money.  I was told that people should save at least 200.00 dollars for their savings and other people have stated you should have at least a year supply of money that would help you for the year if your job went sour.

Story starter: It seem the picture had more than before.  It was if it spoke to me that I need to …………………………

Change for the good can give your life an up lift that you dance a jig (figure of speaking)  Every day make a thoughtful good change and think how you can be better.  So you don’t have grump- itist.


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