Magic of comumication

The Journal


The magic of communication depends on the culture and the expression of the person.  To read a person if they really mean what they say takes another skill.  Some sells men know how to talk a person into almost anything  by just watching their movements and some can know if you are lying just by your movements.  Oh no if you travel into another country you must know their expressions or you will be making them mad.

For years I was scared of the dragons but later I found out they mean luck in other country.  A warm smile and gentle words can touch others.  I heard once heard that a soft word turns away wrath.  Make the time to communicate a smile that helps uplift down person.  You could save a life.

Breakfast: On the run:  can boil an egg the day before and can eat them the next day.  Or can eat celery with peanut butter.

Lunch: Pigs in the blanket and mash potatoes.  Polish sausage cut into three or four pieces.  Use your favorite biscuit recipe.

Supper:  Hamburger steaks with gravy on top  can use the left over mash potatoes and gravy.  Salad is great additive.

To make gravy use bacon (Some use sausage); warm pan and add bacon and fry until crisp.  Be sure to use medium heat.  Add about two heaping flour.  Keep stirring so the flour does not burn.  Slowly add can milk or whole milk to the flour.  Be sure to keep stirring.Keep stirring until sticking a spoon in the mix will stick to the spoon.  It should be a little thick.  Learning this basic recipe can lead into many recipes more complicated than this one.

(Remember that you can add boiled eggs to the gravy for supper or for breakfast.  Add as much salt and pepper that you like just add 1/8 at first and taste.  )  Some add hamburger, sausage, corn beef, and other meats.  Some use it for a mix for meat and potato pie.)

Craft; Days keep going by.  As far as a craft this is fun You can heat up wood burning iron.  With scrap pieces of leather decorate the leather with a drawing of trees or mountains or any creative thing.  If you are working with young be sure to use appropriate to age.    With your guiding hand children love to work with a parent.

Organize:  Make a list of things you own.

Game: Pick up a board game.  Learn the moves of chess.

Parenting: Teach your children how to simplify life

Story starter: I looked out the window and I saw my re-flexion.  How could I be that ………………………

I loved making the journal and leather is something I am trying to master.  There are no dragons that we can not conquer  We have the light to guide us so let it do so.


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