Which Way mountain in the way?

jly 271l       What do I do when I keep loosing the parts of a bag when I need to finish it in a week.  The only resource is over 50 miles away.  Which way do you go when you decide to go another way home from work. You only went there because I was craving rotisserie   chicken  You have frozen items melting away because of your decision.  I tried to find signs telling me that I was going the correct way.  I kept going on my adventure.l  The items kept melting away.  At least I did not buy ice cream like one of my friends and it was soup after 50 miles away.  I did find my way home a post man type man stopped when I waved him down asking for directions.

Basted eggs:  Fry your bacon and lift out of the pan.  On low heat slowly drop your egg into the grease.  Then with a spoon slowly drip the hot grease on the egg until it all is white.  Make toast with your favorite jam or honey.

Lunch: Peanut and honey sandwiches.  Add lettuce in the middle and this adds an extra crunch.

Tacos is a great quick supper.  You can use any protein for the middle.  I even heard of fish wow.

craft: make a small bag.  Practice with your children basic stitches and for the very young punch holes into some cardboard.  It can be easy shapes like house or tree.

Organize:  You can do it there is hope.  Map out a plan.  If that plan does not work try something else.  Do not over do it.  Plan two hours a day for this plan.  A man who had many children told me their secret was use two hours a day to clean.

Game:  guessing game…. describe something and see if any one can guess use only words that are clean of course.

Parenting:  Teach the children how to save money.  AT least save 10 percent, 10 percent give away to someone and the rest to have fun.  Later teach how to save for things.  I remember saving for professional skates and at that time they were 50 dollars I believe and I was so proud.


Story starter: I went to touch the clock I suddenly was somewhere else.  I could not believe I was……………..


Where? It is okay.  Life is crazy some times and we loose our way.  When you loose your way ask for help and go from there.  Believe you can do it and remember you are meant to be here.  If you chose the wrong way.  Make a change and do your best.

Sure consequences happen but we can move beyond our adventure change for the better and find our way by humble way of seeing the light. Any mountain in our way can be climbed. Of course laughing at self does help.



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