The Belt

jly 045

The belt is sometimes measured by why others measure.  The belt comes in many sizes.  If we are unhappy with any part of our self it is passing judgement with beauty.  Why?  We are one of a kind.  Unrightous judgement is wrong and unkind.

A new haircut, loose or gain weight for health, or help others to  better their self can be a great improvement.

But the star awaits our great moment to shine to be our very best and help lift another human being.

Breakfast: chop up frozen hash browns, chop up some green bell pepper, tiny chop tomato, and heat up your pan with two slices of bacon.  When bacon is crisp add hash browns. Then add all the above when browns are golden.  Then add polish sausage that has been sliced.  Top with four beaten eggs.  Mix until eggs are light and fluffy.

Lunch: Heard of a hamburger with hot dog.  My version: Cook your hamburger meat until brown and grill a spilt hot dog.  Grill your onions and each bun when each is golden. assemble as follows: bottom bun, meat, cheese, onion, hot dog And then add your toppings.  I love lettuce and tomato with catsup and mustard.  Chips or french fries added side is great.  This is a meal for lunch and supper.

Go and have a picnic.  Buy or cook some fried chicken and sit on a blanket.  Have fun and breathe fresh air.  Enjoy your family. ?


organize:  Have a pile of papers on your desk.  I need room right now.  Get a bin and just toss all of them into it und  be sure to put the bin out of the way in a corner.  Then each day grab a handful and do something with that hand full.  No do not put it back on the desk.    I did that and I need the space to work and be sure to pick up after your self each day because no doing so grows into clutter.

I saw a picture once where a lady went to open a closet and had to hold it closed because everything was about to slide out.  Bad news.

Game see if you can find clover when you go on your picnic.

Parenting: Enjoy: Sit without tv or any phone on.  Yes no phone.  For thirty min sit down  and talk.  Ask how was their day?

Story starter: Who are you? Please do not go………..

Take and make time for your self and others.  Give out a smile today.  A belt is many sizes and no one is alike.  So we are going on a journey in life one day at a time.  No one knows when they will go; so, be the leader in helping others because it does make one’s heart glad.  Have a great smilely day.  Do not give up there is another day to do better.



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