The Reaching HEART


The heart reaches out …. I was reminded today as I sold my wares that a gift touches the heart.

A man was selling some furniture made of cedar the beautiful aroma and light red streaks.  He handed a gift to many cedar left over logs On top of the tiny size log were three crosses.  There were each standing alone.  He handed me one.  I told him thank you very much he in turn handed me a heart.  It was so smooth all most like it was beating.  He said put this on your Christmas tree.  He said some refused his gift and I said how said.

Do others own us or do we make a stand.  We as parents have to teach our self and our children to think for our self.  Do we follow because we are afraid or do we stand and fight for our right.

I am greatly sadden to see journalism controlled and not free as it use to be.  Who owns us?  Food for thought: who controls becomes our master if we let them.

Sparkles are good to look at but we can not eat it or does it  give us spirit.

Boiled eggs and peaches for breakfast sounds good.

Don’t be an egg head think what you are doing.  I didn’t and I fell.  How far do you want to fall”


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