One Step Back


One step back we wish upon a star and wish that things could or should be better.  We reach out for a helping hand and we get a couple that helps me without me asking.  Sometimes we are just tired and out of the blue there is help.  We can not give up.  Best of all we need to learn it is okay to be our self.  Not okay to hurt others but it is not okay to hurt our self in the process either.

breakfast: cinnamon toast and pears

lunch: chicken salad: boiled eggs, mayo, chicken breast, salt and pepper, cheddar cheese, and mozzeralla

Supper: Remember when times are hard you can eat the same thing for supper as you did for lunch.

organize: Make lists of what you need to do and what you need to order.

blow with a straw a penny across a book and how many inches is a point.

Looking back is only good for improvement not wishing things were better.  Remember memories can be better or bitter and it only takes one letter to change the meaning.  Have a great day.



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