What’ the matter


What is the matter?  Every one seems to be walking away.  The day is running away and my blogs do not happen.   The day is gone and awaken but now it is time to go to sleep.  Depression runs rapid and we can not bind it up and throw it away.  So what is the mater?  Hope ran away.  The wings of an eagle soars in the sky.  Egads What are we doing with our life?

Take a deep breath and close your eyes.  There are those who are sent from above to sooth your nerves.  You can make it and believe that you can make it.  You make a difference so grab a hold onto your chair and hold tight.  Do a little dance and take another deep breath.  Laugh and life is funny the next day.  It is okay.

Egg day:

Boiled eggs and toast for breakfast

egg salad sandwich for lunch

and for supper gravy with boiled eggs and a green salad…

game: put a hole at top of egg and bottom and blow.  Decorate with paint and look for eggs.

What is the matter.  Be nice to your self and some times just say no for the day when others want to pull you in seperate ways.  Be your self.  Your nice self not hurting others but  help others.

Story starter: Her fire eyes made me feel that she was angry at me as she threw some noodles at………….

What’s the matter you forgot to smile and have some fun.


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