The key chains are like decisions which are many.  The truth is the truth.  Non truth is wrong and you can not coat it any color it is still the un truth.

A wise man will listen to the truth and if needed change’  A fool will only listen to his own heart and not care.

A good teacher will teach the truth and be a good example.  There is great honer with truth on your side.

Peaches, boiled eggs, with toast will be good breakfast

Lunch would be great as cheese and crackers with tomato soup.

Check out my meat sauce in my other blog and use it for a topping for a baked potato.

Story starter: The Logo was round on one side and the other had flat green beads in a roll.  I turned the logo on the wall. There was suddenly a big red star that came toward……

organization: Get cards and write info or ideas on those cards.


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