LOL one hundred miles


As a wolf can be heard for long distances I almost wanted to yell also.  I almost felt that the day would take forever.  What started to be 5 am I was excited to work at a festival.  I kept going the wrong way.  Finally got there and guess what the place was closed tighter than a drum.  I saw some men and asked where it was but they said that was the fairgrounds.  I asked if it was it the 15th and they all laughed that is next week.   I have traveled one hundred miles… oh yes

Well in the process I lost my good directions my husband gave me.  Oh yes I had a GPS and why not use it.  I just could not remember or see the highway to return to my home. My GPS told me that I needed to turn right but then told me to make a u turn.  Man what a deal.  Sure wish it would make up its mind.  Oh, I forgot it does not have a mind it is only a program I have been told.

I did have a choice to go to a farmer’s market but as I looked the time was over half over.  I sadly drove my way home realizing that I would not make a dime this day.  Suddenly I was getting sleepy and stopped at a rest area.  Finally I  got my way over to some streets that looked familiarly  Yell oh Yell out in the boonies.

I also want to voice my yell at what journalism has become.  I was wanting to become a journalist one time.  But When I see the slanting toward one party it greatly sadens me.  America name is freedom and to loose the freedom we will not be able to write our news.  Stand up for freedom and freedom is America.  Loose freedom loose America.

Have a great smile-ly day.

Do we need to yell to the rooftops and tell the truth yes.  We all make mistakes but truth is standing up for truth and it is the strongest bridge there is.

Be sure you can laugh at yourself because it is what keeps us healthy.


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