The Blank Screen


Memories of when they were small and alive is like life.  Is our life a blank slate why no more is our memories of the past.  Sometimes we can not write about our day because it is too crazy and who would believe it.  Of course they do say the truth is stranger than fiction.Many writers look at the empty slate and face the writers block.  I had a goose that thought it was a duck.  It did that because it was surrounded by ducks.  Jiant said WHAT.  That was the words it would repeat for as long as she was alive.  What you surround yourself with is about what you think about the world.  So be careful with whom your world belongs or you will be saying WHAT too.

What about watermellon, boiled eggs, and toast for breakfast.  Be creative.

Lunch can be as easy as celery with peanut butter.  Then for supper grab a crock pot and throw a roast inside with a package of onion soup.  Then add one cup of water.  about one hour before eating put potatoes and carrots.

Parenting: make a day or evening time for one of your children it can be ice cream or hamburger.  Just do sometime special with each one.

Story starter:  I want to paint this picture but suddenly if I paint the picture something happens: Like I ……………….




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