I worked hard on this journal.  I was thinking about how I hammered and carved and painted. I stained the artwork on some leather.  The eagle is an emblem of our country.  It seems a country divided.  A country where there is the democrat and republican and others.  Where is America?  Where is the media?  Where is the real truth?

Our forefathers George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Stood for truth.  Each generation of solders died for our freedom to be here.  Each generation carved out something for us to stand for.  But is there a time to say NO More.  Truth is truth and there is no shades of gray.  There is black and white.  Sure there are those of each culture that is prejudiced.  But not all of one race is prejudiced.

As an artist brushes each stroke and mixes each tone from dark to light  there is a since that if you add light that the object can shine.  We should shine for our country right?

In sculpture each line is felt and molded into an object of the hands of the sculptor and as we fight for our freedom let us not forget what is right and what is wrong.  To steal, lie or kill is the main wrongs.  We have to have laws for without laws people would be lost.  Basically mobs would be in control like my friend said they would be “brats” because they do not know how to behave.

As each grain of sand adds up we must stand for truth.  We do not want brats to lead because they do not have leader skills.

Dump meals  Breakfast: First you put about 1/2 cup of shortening or oil in a med heated pan.  While it is getting hot peel and  cut your potatoes.  Put diced potatoes in pan.  When golden While potatoes are cooking cut up your onion into a dice.  When potatoes are golden, dump onion in pan.  Stir.  Cut up Corn torteas and when onion is almost see through dump it into the pan.  Stir.  Beat eggs and grate up your favortie cheese.  Put cheese into egg mixture.  After tortea is crunchy pour egg mix into pan.  Stir until soft or dry like you like your eggs.

Lunch  Dump some oysters into tomato soup and stir and eat when done.  I say this because some will use can oysters and others will use raw ones.

Supper Three soups cheddar, potato, and broccoli and add two to three soups depending on how thick you want it.

Make forgotten cookies by making merangs and first turn on the oven on low heat and then turn off.

organization:   inventory of food you have and spices.

parenting: Stick to what you say no matter how he or she yells or screams for wanting something at the store.  Say no and if they act up take them outside and quietly tell them they will not go back inside until they behave.  Sure it makes your time longer in the long run for this day but just think when they are teens how worse it will be if you do not do it now.  You may have to take them home or pat their hand but never hit out of anger.  Have someone else take your child that you trust to let you calm down.  Children do know how to push your buttons and know what they can get away with so put a stop to it now before it is too late.  Learn to say no.  This word will not hurt them and there is in the real world the word NO everywhere.

If you find yourself making a mistake in misjudging your child you need to say your sorry.  It is important word for them to understand.  I know it is important because it hurt me when I was small and blamed me in doing something and they did not say they were sorry.  This hurt was carried into adulthood.

I have had lot of experience in the world of children.  Did I make mistakes?
Sure and that is why I decided to write about parenting.

Story starter: Out of mouth of babies the child asked the woman Why could she justify why she…..


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