Survival How?


Are you ready?  Do you lead or follow?  Are you really ready Spiritually, physically,  and mentally?  Turn the other cheek or smack.  Well there is time we need to know what to do.

Spiritually? As I told some young scouts that you have greatness that would help you at any time all you have to do is ask for Heavenly Father’s help and guidance.  This is the best survival skill one can have the power of prayer.

How about Physically prepared?  exercise is great.  Do some every day even if it is to get up and walk around the room.  As for food the rainbow of colors is best.  Some protein in the morning will help get you going.  I remember how run down I felt when I had to do some hard labor in the morning and ate so little.  I was so tired.  How about storing food? Do you know how long you can do this?  I can tell you one thing storing in the attic is bad news. I had tomato sauce every where as explosion of heat affected the can.  Cans do not well in the heat.  I can tell you …..Even leaving a soda in the car during the summer can be another explosion and a great  mess that you do not want.

knowing first aid is great and being able to know how to get water, food and build a shelter.  Do you know what plants you can eat in the forest?  Did you know that Some red berries and  mushrooms are poison.

Mentally: Be calm and meditate.  Panic or just running can get you hurt.  How you handle stress can be helpful in a bad situation.  Again I say the power of prayer can get you out of trouble.  It can save you.

Recipe: Ham for the day  Scramble eggs, cheese, green onion and diced up hamcake a great quick sandwich for a morning brunch.

Next have a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a glass of milk or apple juice.  For supper put the ham in the oven and top the ham with pineapple and brown sugar.  This would be great with green beans and mash potatoes.  I heard putting cream cheese in the potatoes and cheddar cheese is a great choice.


Parenting: Write to your children a personal letter according to age level.  Tell how you feel about them.  Encourage them in good things they have done.  Most of all tell them that you love them,  A letter in the mail is like a small Christmas package getting in the mail.  Oh yes, Moms and dads love this too.  Teaching young people to write notes at a young age with give them a great heart.

Ghost story: There was a house that George and his friend Rusty wanted to gointo but they were told never to go there. Rumor was that if you went into the house you were never to return.  But George opened the door and behold there was……

craft: Make a silly mask with a paper plate.  Glue or color  funny faces on the mask.  Be sure to cut holes for eyes and can glue a funny tongue on the mouth

game: everyone at the party brings some cookies, candy, fruit, and exchange by putting everyone’s name in a hat.  Someone picks a name and each gets a treat to take home.

Acts of charity is true strength of survival because if we do not help each other when one is down we will all fall down.  Like one said, “True charity is love in action.  The need for charity is everywhere” TSM

Have a great smile-ly day.

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