Letter of the Law


Looking at that bridge who would want to step on it?  There is holes and it’s unstable.  Our Constitution is what holds our country strong.  Those who died for our country stand out in the grave yard crying out, “Let us not die in vain.  Put not holes in our Constitution.  Do not write things that will destroy our name.’

Can we face those who died for our country  when we stand at the letter of the law and use it to justify our wrongs?   I was watching an old show that Walt Disney made, “Million Dollar Duck”.  There were people wanting the duck only for the gold that it gave.  But what is the true value in this life?  Gold is cold and at the end will not hug you or protect you.  The true value in life is love which combined with charity is the most precious gift there is.  So when we make our bridge in life we anchor it with love which is the most stable.

If we look in the mirror and we ask what do we stand for?  Is is for the letter of the law in what we can get by with or what we stand for to be For the pure love of the Light.


I was so angry when the state highway department took my sign in the letter of the law it was on their property and someone griped about it.  Now it makes me wonder is our constitution beginning to have holes?

Parenting: Taste it:  Well there was a time and may still be where a mom stated”You sit there until you eat all of your food.  Ouch.  I remember when I was told that and I hated those peas.  They were so bitter, not the farm fresh ones I get now.  So I stared at those ugly peas.  I stirred them around in my plate hopping they would disappeared.  Hey maybe if I put threw them in different places on my plate it would look like I had ate most of those nasty critters.  Well I thought about it and after an hour went by those critters did not disappear.  Now I got the great idea.  They looked like pills and I did have something to drink so I pill by pill swallowed each.

Then when it came to may children I did not want them to go through that nightmare.  So I stated to each that they had to eat at least half of the food.  I looked in a a book by Binkey and Turnquist stating that their advice was for the child to take three bites.  But in either case we need to remember except when they are teens their tummy is not large and we should not expect them to eat like an adult.   We want foods as an adventure not a nightmare.  If we let them be around us cooking I believe the love of cooking will grow whether they are male or female.


Recipe: Sausage day:  Can of your favorite biscuits or mix  Stick a vienna sausage in each one.  Bake as usual.   Fruit would be great on the side.

Polish sausage with potatoes and cabbage on the side.

left overs from lunch and add some corn on the cob on the side.


Craft: With a knife (or butter knife ) carve shapes into hand soap.

game: buy some horse shoes and play that game.  It is a tossing game.  If can not grab two clothes baskets and throw a ball or something in each basket.  If you make the basket you get a point.  Farther away make it 5 points.  It is your game and have fun.

organize: If you write too many things on your to do list only write 5 and write a, b, c, and so forth. Make A the first item to do that you really do not like to do.  That way you will get it done.  If you have more than three A  (s) then write each one on a piece of paper and shake it up and pull one of them out.  Do that and then the next and so forth.  If it has a time you best just do it before that time so that you will not forget it.

Story starter: Inside the clock I found a piece of paper and on it stated that I must………

Be the best that we can be and remember after all; we do have to live with our self in all that we do.  Choices can either be our best friend or our nightmare of our own making.  If we change the law we best be able to abide that law.  Funny thing is that few know all the laws.




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