Somethings are dated and last and last.  The sky changes with the wind.  Imprinted on our heart is charity if we alow it to happen.  That is when miracle happen. To judge another without knowing who, what, where, when and why and the truth is to be like the clouds that change with the wind.  We should never be bought with money to do what is wrong.  To do what is wrong will always come back and bite us sooner or later.  So why do what is wrong in the first place.

One time I got so mad at myself when I thought I forgot a date that was important to me.  Later I found out I had the wrong date.  Dates can rule us or we can rule it by making a to do list so that we will not forget that most important date.  What is most precious to us will imprint on our hearts by remembering the dates.


recipe: What is great about deviled eggs you can make several and use it for even breakfast.  Put mayo, a half teaspoon mustard, yoke, and grated cheddar cheese.  Salt and pepper.  What makes this great is that putting them in the freg you can have a bit of food when you are not really hungry.

What is great with Turkey, well how to season it?  I take my Italian seasoning with garlic and butter.  I mix about a tablespoon of this mix of seasonings with butter and pull up the skin with my hands and underneath the skin I put the butter seasoning.  Cooking on the Breast first and turn carefully half of the time makes it very most.   If it is too large can cover with foil and bast every half hour.

Don’t do what I did and try to cook everything in one day.  You can cook pies two or three days before or even some can be frozen.   Salads can be made the day before and if it is green and you want tomatoes be sure to put them in the day of.  Be sure not to cut the lettuce because it turns brown.  Tare it with clean hands.  I noticed that many put the cut tomatoes in another bowl and every one can put them on as is.

craft: can buy or make little bird houses.  This is can be found at craft stores for a few dollars.  Then paint and then decorate it with all your stickers that you want.  After that you use mod podge it…..

game: Have the children make a board game that they make up.  Let them have colors and construction paper.   Make cards and they need to have rules to write down.  If they are real little let them color the board and ask them what rules they would want.

parenting: There are times when we get mad.  We need a time out and draw or do something that can help you calm down.  The research I have done states that comedy can help  Have some dvds on hand for these moments.


Story starter: Stuff kept falling down and I just could not stop it.  Oh no there was stuff coming out of…………………………………….


Wisdom: We can not be wise in our own eyes.  But with charity in our hearts we can reach the glow of the stars to outshine the darkness.  Have a great day.



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