Scream Bag


Sometimes we enter the scream zone.  No matter how we plan and no matter how good of a person we are there are moments that nothing goes right.  So I discovered something to do for moms, dads, wives, husbands and friends and so forth.  Its a grab bag that is cloth.  Then you think what you or the person would like pencils, crayons, books, even a dvd player with head phones.  This bag could be with comedy music.  When you are the most upset even your favorite verses.

Times you need help.  So the scream  bag is born.  It keeps mom from screaming at her child.  When they act up just hand them the bag.  When you calm down then later tell the person how you feel.

Trying to write down for you some old stories about food and recipes about Christmas.  Hope you enjoy these stories:

One was about a Turkey dinner.  My family was so looking forward in having this dinner.  Our Irish setter never touched our food that was set on the table but I went to get some bowls of food from the kitchen.  Suddenly I heard a terrible noise.  I yelled. On the floor was our dog Huggy with our huge turkey.

Another moment in time I invited several families of mine to dinner.  I made Water gate salad in a huge green bowl.  To make a long story short no one showed up.  We eat turkey and salad over and over until my son from his high chair threw it into the floor.

Water Gate Salad:

whip topping, Pistachio pudding, peacons, marsh mellows, Mix all well.

Parenting and self helps:

No no do not scream just take a piece of paper fold and fold and then tare and tare into tiny pieces.

Games: write down wishes and then put them into a bowl and then let everyone guess who had that wish (es).

Take time to smile and write down your blessings  Have a great day.  Remember everything will turn out right if you choose the right.


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