old leather wallet


There was a man who could not received any wallet. He just tossed them in his drawer: never to be used. There was only one wallet that he could use.  It was falling apart. He could not tell anyone why it was so cherished. It was ripping in the seams.  Oh my no one would touch or help him fix the wallet.

He looked at the leather person to fix his wallet.  How much would you charge to fix this?

The person labored many hours punching tiny holes with tiny lace.  Spent many hours for someone who the leather person did not know.  The other old time leather person said why not just get another wallet.

But the other younger leather person had to help because it was more than a business but a passion followed by a good deed.  Had to whip stitch every tare to reinforce each line.

Who we are is the most important.   Just to get another one is just to some not the same.  Because each line has meaning as our life.


Pea salad: Boiled eggs chopped, thousand Island dressing, peas, and mix together with cheddar cheese.  Chill until ready to serve.  Each day I will try to add more recipes for your Christmas.


Remember no matter what challenge you have just stay on task and follow your heart.  Goodness always wins.  No matter what.


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