Need or Want


I see the horse and as a teenager I would walk to school and there was a white horse that would come up to me and I would pet him.  That was my joy of walking to and from school.

The horse seem to know how me even though I had no treat from him he would just come to me so I could pet him.

Sure I would love to have a horse but my family could not afford a horse or have a place for him.

Now for someone like an Amish person a horse is a need.  They us the horse for transportation and for work on the farm.  For me it would be just a want.

There is a great difference between a need like shelter, food, and water and the want of just things.  The great thought of Christmas it symbolizes the ultimate gift of Christ.  The gift which continues giving.  Giving can be of your time or of presents but to remeber like one of my friends stated to me give from your heart like you were giving a present to Christ.


My friend had some candy called War Candy   1 can sweetened condensed milk 12 oz cho chips and 1 cup chopped nuts.  Warm milk and add chips and nuts.  On a cookie sheets place a piece of waxed paper on each then coat them with butter and bu 2 Table spoons mix onto buttered wax paper chill the cookies on baking sheets in the freezer the until completely cool. Remove with a spatula and place them in a covered container.

Sometimes there seems a war between members of family during Christmas.  But holding your tough may be best.  Walk outside or go to another room and write down your feelings and tare it up.  Stress  no no no just take a deep breath and smile it is okay.  Tomorrow will   be better.


Look to the sky and focus on your goals one step at a time as you decorate your tree one ornament at a time that is how you reach your goals: one step at a time.

Would love to share with you: we always waited until News Years day and take the tree down; it was considered good luck as well as corn beef and cabbage and black eyed peas.  Merry Christmas to all and have a great day.


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