We have so many gagets today to run everything even our cars can almost run their self.  Today I was watching a show about a young man having problems with parents.  A lady gave him some good advice.

She said that everyone has a wall that they must climb over.  Some it is color of their skin; some it is bad parents, some may even are blind; but the thought is everyone has a wall to climb and not give up and keep trying.  Sometimes it is so hard and we are afraid to fail but the courage to keep going is important.


Would love to share a punch that I belive would be great.  It has  no alcohol.  Pint Colada Punch:   (46 -oz )can pineapple juice; 15   1/2 oz can cream of coconut milk;  1/2 gal pineapple sherbet and then 7 up Have all ingredients cold.  Mix pineapple juice, cream of coconut and sherbet, pour into punch bowl and add enough 7 up to fill.    If you do not like coconut I have had this also without coconut.  It is good.



Have a great new year.  Decide now to climb that wall have that courage..



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