This little monkey is well hidden.  We sometimes want to be hidden from life and even the realities of life.  Some say that it is the hard knocks of life that makes us stronger. Others become bitter and others decide to hide from people. Being in a cage from life is no way to live.  If we make wrong choices that is what is the reality of life prison.  Our hands out to make great righteous choices.  Our hands up to lift others up.  Our hands out to write from our heart to change a world for the good.  Our hands out to help someone in need.   Our hand out to meet our needs and our family needs.  We can see beauty or see ugliness and it all depends on our view in life.  Some can go on and on about negative things and all we can battle these things with kindness.

: Be gentle with yourself:  No over kill the Holiday.

Breakfast: French toast and bacon.  Two eggs beaten and add about two cups of milk.

lunch Twice Baked Potatoes: baked the potato; grate the cheddar cheese (depends on how many potatoes you cook); crisp bacon;  sour cream, butter salt and pepper, warm chili with or without beans.

Supper:  tacos:  Use chips and left over hamburger;  use the left over cheese and sour cream.  Use a bag of lettuce that is grated.  Use your own recipe and not buy it will be cheaper.


Story starter: I touched the tree limb and studdenly I was—————-.


game: Working with children there is a must to have a bag of games that they can use.  Make a list of things that can make them think as well as make them use their bodies.  A jump rope, crafts: like crayons, paints, paper, beads, glue, yarn,  several crayon books;  For older children the crayon books could be used as a story starter that they make up stories and given a time limit.

This is a game out of BSA 2002 Pow Wow book: Tiger Tail: It is played like Duck, Duck, Goose.  Everyone is in a circle except it.  It walks around the outside of the circle tapping each person and saying Tiger Tiger Tiger etc.  With the boy tapped as Tiger Tail must get up and race it around the circle back to the empty spot The player who doesn’t get a seat is the next it.

My version is for also older people that each sit in a seat with each holding a card ab out their favorite dish or something else is their favorite and the it tries to guess what the favorite dish is.  If guess right it changes places.  If not goes to the next person and keeps going.

Another version is educational that a question is asked and see if one in the circle can answer the question.  That person then becomes it and gets to ask a question.  This is good for large groups and classroom teachers preparing for tests.


Craft:Printing with Cans: got this from BSA  2002 Pow Wow

Can rope glue tempera or poster paint, pie tin , tape paper: glue rope and odds and ends on can let dry.  Then roll the can in paint and then paper.  Then you have a neat print.


Parenting:  If you are angry at someone; or can not forgive someone of your past your children will pick up on this without you realizing it. Forgive them and yourself.for the sake of your children so that they will be free.  If you can before it is too late talk to the person you have problems with before it is too late.

Do not cage up your problems seek someone you trust.  Happy New Year.


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