Books around


Books around town can state anything.  I overheard some people talking about some  books that should  be  burned and not shown to the public.  I remember as a child there was a great  book but because some people thought  it should be  band from schools the book is gone.  This book had not a problem with morals.  Hum what a bout morals they some times are forgotten in the modern books and TV.  Humor has changed….I just thought the slap stick was so funny a guy that needed it would get a pie in the face.  In fact that is how I survived a job that was so horrible I had imagine my boss got a pie in the face and I felt so much better.  No harm done and I could handle the unfair things my boss would say about me.   Some times we are given a place that we can not leave so we use our imagination to get out of the bad situation we are in at the present time.  Dreamers need to exist because if we get rid of them we get rid of societies progress.

Breakfast:  bacon and bread and gravy;  Lunch is quite easy:  Use left over gravy and mix with leftover mixed veg.  Cut up protein and mix with gravy and veg.  Pour in a pie crust and bake.  350 until golden about 20 min.  Supper Use left over meat and make a hash.  Cut up some potatoes in squares and fry with bacon.  Add meat after potatoes are tender.  Then add corn (drained).

Take inventory of your spices and can goods.  Organize and get rid of spices that you do not use.

Have a nice morning.  Take a deep breath and all will be okay there is another day.  I was told as a child smile and let your teeth breathe.

Story starter: Suddenly Something jumped at me and I jumped over——–


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