It can rain or snow and the weather can attack us.  Life can throw us a loop and we need to get up brush off the dirt and have the courage to do stand up and take action.  I was reminded of a game a mom (or others) play with a little one.  A child and mom was playing peek-a-boo with each other. The child would giggle when the mom would show her face.  So simple laughter.  Where has the child like love gone from mankind? We have lost our innocence  the peek-a-boo affect.  Just stop at the amazement of the mountain.  There was a mountain I saw was so blue and when you got into a boat it became so green.  The trees stretched out their arms  to meet the sky and clouds.  I bet the grass was cool for tired bare feet  We must never forget the peek-a -boo affect, take time to smile and laugh with our family, friends, and yes our enemy..Not at people should we laugh at but to laughj with them.  Laughter is the best meds.

Parenting: also for our self, others.  It is great to have a cheap bucket that if needed we can throw it away.  A bucket by the bed is great when you are sick.  I remember having an old pan but now that I think about it a bucket would be better.

Today I was by myself and wanted something simple to eat.  I made for breakfast fried potatoes with bacon with beaten eggs and cheese.  a snack  I had some cut up cheese, ham and crackers.For Lunch I ate left over taco meat over chips and cheddar cheese For supper I had a seafood salad.   The salad has boiled eggs cut up;  Handful of cooked shrimp; Some cut up bite size imitation crab and a tablespoon of mayo to how many eggs you use.  Also about 1/4 cup cheddar cheese.  Mix all together and cool.  Put on toast, crackers or celery.

Story starter: The lady opened the door and there was————–

If you find yourself sick or hurt in any way then you can sit and organize recipes or copy ones that you would love to add to your box.


craft: need straws, paint, and paper.  Put several colors dollops of paints on the paper and   then blow threw the straw.

game; Peanuts and a jar.  from 5 feet throw a peanut and see if you can get it into the jar.  Whoever gets the most is the winner.

Our vision for the future can be brighter if we shine and remember the peek-a-boo affect


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