The Box


We had a great time here but my story goes with the box.  This box I took with me and store it with great care.  I moved the box to my new location and put it on a shelf.  It stood there for twenty years.  I needed the space for something else so I removed the box that I stored with great care to a new location.  It was tapes of music of the old kind.  I decided that I needed to get rid of what was inside, maybe give it to my children or and maybe sell it.  Suddenly I opened the box and to my surprise it was not music but an old shower head that I use to have so long ago.

When did the music disappear and I knew for sure that I put the music there so long ago.  But everyone of them was gone and no where to be found. There was no sound of the yesteryear sound but the clunk of the sound when I placed the shower head in bathroom.  The box is of the past and gone I no not where and so my friend is the past.  We only have the past if we choose to relive the past.  This will hurt us more.  Take the box of the past and let it go.  I do not know who took the music but I do have to forgive.

I see the fireworks of this show I am reminded that I should not live in the past but look forward to the new door of my future.  I can not change others.  What others do do affect me but I can choose to forgive and say it is not my fault what others do.  My choices are my choices and my blame is what only I do.  Then forgive myself and others is my fire rockets to a better tomorrow.

Breakfast:  When I was a young child I was fed rice for this meal.  It is easy.  Boil a cup of rice with twice the about of water with butter and three tablespoons of sugar.  After cook about 25 min.   Add some cool milk over the rice and it is a great meal.  If you can not handle milk you can add coconut milk or almond milk instead.

Today I had some simple shrimp fried rice.  The left over rice, one egg cooked flat, and with bacon.  Take the egg out and cut up into strips.  Add rice to bacon grease , diced up onion, and bacon.  I stirred.  Then I added peas and carrots (drained), next I added soy sauce about a tablespoon, then the cut up egg.  Yum and ate.

Supper I boiled some eggs for twenty five min and then made deviled eggs.

with leftover yolk  I chopped up some shrimp and made a sandwich with it.  I drank some chocolate milk with it.


Parenting, game and craft: Let each have a golden box that they can keep keep-sakes.  For the craft let them decorate that box.  (remember if you live where mice are make sure the box is plastic.  Let them make their own game to work with when it is icy or rainy and they can not go outside.  They can put this inside their box.


Story starter: I better go for now and oh no some one is in my house

Organization and wisdom: Do we really know all what is in our old boxes?

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