Hate Self


We may seem like the other birds in the area but we are not.  I was reminded of the article that I read many years ago in one of my classes in psychology.  Our vision of our self is never what others see.  We did dig up the dirt thinking no one could love us.  To see what others see or see us not at all.  Some pretends to be listening but they do not.  Listening is from the heart and not just with the brain.  People may be saying one thing and really mean something else.   We can see so many people like the birds going everywhere.  To help others we must first help our self and radiate love .


Sometimes we can treat our self with some pudding.    Eat this with some buttered toast.

Lunch can be as simple as peanutbutter sandwich.

Supper. can of beans.  Learn about canning.  Great job

Organization: Prepare….Lists you can live by……act with routines….notice and reward your accomplishments.   One of my professors told me to make a book that stated my accomplishments and when I am blue to read the book.

Story starter: Where did that cup come from?  All of a sudden the door opened…….


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