The Wind


There is a wall that seems that can not be moved is what we feel.  But take a flood or a tornado and there goes that wall.  The wind is strong.  Now if the wind is like complement  it can move walls of our life or mountains.  Complements are like the wind in a sail of a boat.  It keeps a person going like moving that wall.  Give a dose-a complement today to uplift someone’s sail you may save a life or make some down- hearten someone’s day.

Parenting:  Make time to put down phones for listening to each child.  Spend time to each child to make a craft together or make a meal.


Organized: Well when you are having someone coming over and you have a mess of papers everywhere.   Take a box and throw them inside of the box.  Be sure no trash or sticky or wet papers go inside.  I did not realize that I had spelt some water on the floor and suddenly had many wet papers and let them on top of another place.  By the way after you have your visitors make the time to empty the box.  Or you will have sacks and boxes of stuff of things all over the place.—————

Breakfast : cinnamon toast:  under a boiler take a slice of bread with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar mixture all over.  Then slice butter or margarine 4 or 5 and place then on each slice of toast.  You only bake on one side.  I had this when I was going to a nursery day school.

Lunch Hamburger: mix dried onion soup inside and make into patties.  Cook until you done.

supper:chicken potpie and gravy vegetables.  The great thing about pot pie you can use your favorite pie dough recipe or biscuits on top.


Story starter: I fell against the wall as I tripped over the limb.  When I pushed against the wall trying to lift myself up a door suddenly opened inside the wall and I saw—–

Game and craft: decorate cards on one side and have letters on the other.  You can make up vocabulary or pictures to match for the other side.  Great learning game.

Just remember the wall can be moved if you believe it can be moved.  One may not be able to sing but they can learn to conduct.  One may not be an astronaut due to health  but one can write stories about other planets and being one.  We can dream and make the time to help up lift someone’s down ship because when you are down there will be others (wind) that help.  Have a great smile-ly day.




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