Life and death.  Often when we work with wood we get a splinter.  Many splinters we receive in this life.  I have found taking a huge needle will get the smallest splinter out.  Some splinters are so painful but the big needle–act of kindness we apply to our life can ease the pain.  Sometimes the past seems to overcome us but we engage this act of kindness we can push out the splinter and ease the worse pain.  Once we push out the splinter and pain eases forgiveness the medicine or bandage depending on the wound should guide us throughout our life.

As far as the riots in the streets because we do not agree with the president.  I thought about the immigrants who came to our country.  There was a time some immigrants could not come into our country at the beginning of our country starting and not letting the peo Japanese decent later on. I grant you it was fear. Remembering 911 and Bosnia where no one came to our soldiers rescue.  I say we have to protect our country and it is not about freedom it is to keep bullies out of our country.  When I was a teenager there were parts of the school you just did not go to because there were bullies.  You first have to know where the places the bullies stay and to stop them you have to  keep them away from the other students (people).  I do not know about you but I would not want a Pearl Harbor or being blown up, or another 911.

Splinters come in all shapes and sizes and to mend our hearts we must take a stand on what is righous and not what just what some one said.

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