We drive down a road of life.  It is all about choices that we make on which road we take.  I have been thinking about the word mercy.  What does that mean to me?  What does that mean to how I apply it to others?  We show mercy by forgiving debt.  We show mercy by forgiveness.  But do we show mercy for our self?  That is a hard one for some of us.  The creative  getting involved of mercy we need to apply our self in self evaluation.  We start with humility and anchor it with love.  Accept responsibility for our choices.

Food is my starting my AeroGarden.  My herbs are thyme, mint, chives, curly parsley, thai basil, and dill.  As for me not being raised as a farmer this is a great challenge.  This new adventure is that I want to learn how to use these herbs. and veg.   And there will be some I will dehydrate.

I know chives is good with scramble eggs and potatoes.  Mint is great with tea and lamb.  Parsley, thyme, and basil are spices good with tomato sauces.   Dill is a season I used with pickles.  In my adventure I will learn how to grow and use these herbs.

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