Some are facing fast running waters overflowing into their homes and some have lost their loved ones.  Yes we face challenges in this life.  Sometimes we do the same oh some thing every day and say hay what is going on with my life.  Like a computer program called a loop we are caught doing the same things every day.  We get up fix breakfast and before we know it it is time for bed.  Where in the world did our time go.  Sure it is about cholices about fears and sometimes we need to ” power through and get our projects lone and then immediately get rewarded with another challenging project.  Though we now have zero oxygen left in our tank’.  Sometimes unable to perform it all alone.  We need social support.

Remember we can change our mind.  We need no rut/  Friends are not only our band aid in life but our life support.  Without them we would spiritually and mentally bleed to death.  When we are the most down write, call, text, keep the life lines of friends open.   Never forget our spiritual guide — Jesus.

When we are down and not reach out it is like being sinking in sand.  The more we try to struggle and try to do it alone the deeper in the pit we go.  Reach for the light.  Talk to a friend and be sure you trust them.  Remember compassion and mercy with charity is so strong.

organization: You must have some fun craft each day that you like but be sure you time yourself with a timer or you will find yourself behind with the dishes or clothes.  Be kind to your self.


Parsley is great in spaghetti sauce.  Once I find out how to put my phone pictures in her I will add.

Parenting: Make time to read a story to your children.

Story starter: There was a leaf and I reached out and cut it.  It replyed why did you cut me .

never give up Have hope


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