Friends life line



Sometimes we look into the sky and wonder why am I here.  Stress over takes our soul and we want to run down the street and scream, “why me!”  We run into our closet and hide and think hopefully that all will be okay if we are more perfect.  Oh no, our first mistake.  We hide.  There is a great need for friends,  we want to feel important the most successful people I have been told is those who reach out for friends and family when they are down which daily is their life line to success.

our second mistake is that we think we have to be perfect.  Sure we strive to be perfect  but we as a master carpenter once said there is nothing made badly just another one to be made.  I would love to pass on to you what I learned instead of getting in a bad mood as I awoke in the morning I left a great messages to my friends and family.  Have a great day and much hugs and etc.  I felt so great that day I did not know what to do.  The rest of the day went bad but I pulled up my straps (figure of speech).  I watched a comedy and made my day a better day.  Don’t forget that friends are a life line for life this could save your life we are not here alone or suppose to be alone.  Have a great smile-ly day.


A great meal would be a Kaiser roll with the bread cut out and a two inch circle cut from the top.  Toast 400 degrees for about 5 min or until golden.  Warm some favorite cream soup that is your favorite and pour into the toasted kaiser roll.  Great meal.

Short story starter: Something was taping on my window and I was smiled it was onlya ……..and then I walked to the next door to ………………………..

Crafts, games and Parenting:  Pick a day where you and your children write on some Popsicle sticks of things you can do for fun.  If child can not write; write the words for them.  Then that day pick the stick out and do what it says.  Sometime you can not so put back and try again for another day.  Put games in there that you can do too.

organize: don’t give up and ask for advice.  There is also internet sites that help.


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