There is a seed and before you know it it becomes a flower or whatever it is meant to be now.  Believe as the words form into our heart like the flowering plant. Use harsh words or step on the flower it is no more the beautiful the pink and green plant.  We should use words carefully toward our family, and friends.  As each flower is different so is each person and we should never compare our self with others.  No one is like us and that is great.

We should never compare our self with others or compare one child against the other. For each of us needs to stand out; wanting to be known and loved.  Each starve to be care about.  Do not give up and believe that all things are possible.  As I told my children do your best and God will do the rest.  We can stand up and be someone important just be being honest and speak the real truth.  Some judge and yell out what they think is the truth but in real truth it is a soft voice.  Calm.  Humility is hand in hand with charity.  Without these first the truth is not real.

I am working on my herbs and as a city person and old, it is taking be longer to share my information.  Who would ever know when I was growing up that I would have a computer and telephone in the palm of my hand.  I am truly sorry for being so short and I will work better later.  Have a great day.  Just remember there is always a greater day as our attitude grows better.  Be thankful and it will come back to you.


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