Single word


Some times we mean to only copy once.  There it is a copy of what we did wrong staring in our face.  How do we face our self when we do wrong the single one thing?  In humility we admit that we did wrong.  We are human.  No one is perfect.Take a step back and write what we like to do and each day do one thing we like to do.  According to a book I have been reading “The winning family” doing something with for our self fills us up to be able to help others.  As in this picture not in focus and double mistake we can truly repent and  be better.  Life is exciting adventure so live it one day at a time with laughter.  A man stated how he lived a long life as he danced laughter increases your life time.


Remember each child is special.  With that said make sure you do not compare one of your children with the others.  I was told in that book a brother felt he was not as good as his brother and hurt himself.  Children are special and tell them so.  You are special that no one is like you.  That is a great deal.  Have a great day.

Story starter:  The night grew darker and the sun disappeared over the mountains.  A wolf’s call was in the distance.  A jeep speed across…..

A recipe:   Grab your own recipe of oatmeal and add honey and almonds.  Mum good

For lunch peanut butter sandwich with lettuce.

Supper spaghetti with hamburger or deer meat sauce.  I have the recipe for meat sauce in one of my earlier blogs.  A bout my blog about my herbs I am still not quite sure how to out my pictures from my new phone to my lap top but I will figure it out.  lol

Organize: I am making a time log in what I do every 15 min.  The reason is to find where my time goes.

Mistakes is okay.  Not to learn by them is not okay.  Mistakes is learning what not to do and laugh at our self.  It is okay: smile and the world will smile with you and we will all live longer.


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