A house?  A home  Sometimes we feel sorry for what we have but there is someone somewhere worse off than us .  It is sometimes hard to decide what to do where to go and how to get there.  Sometimes we wake up in the morning in a bad mood.  But some of the people who have so much less than us are so much more happy than some of us.  Hum so what gives?  I remember working and getting only about 2.50 dollars an hour.  Sometimes I got  tips and it made my day I could go to the movies or get some more food for the family.  I learned humility.Working with family restaurants I had fun working with challenges of people who you just could not make them happy.  One guy stated after I said have a nice day, stated he  did not what to have a nice day.


Parent hood?  Decide, let your children decide for their self.  You can give them two or three choices.  Make sure that they can finish what they start I know it can be hard and much work on your part right now but later on your children will be able to make decisions for their self.  When they are teens they will be able to help you and when they are on their own they will be able to be good leaders and know how to work; and make decisions for their self.  To not finish what they start will handicap them for life.Teach them to finish and how to finish.  Be by their side to watch them I made the mistake just thinking they automatically knew how to do a job.

To re-teach the job is really hard.

organizing: For your time log take a sheet of paper left hand side write what you want to do.  On the right list what you really did.  Write every fifth-teen min.  It is okay that you forget but just write down before the time for example I stated to 4:25 I made a call to order and went through some papers; then what to decide what to do with my recipe papers. I forgot to write down after I watched a TV show.  I then wrote: to 10:00 pm I did fix supper.  Was looking for a pie book and etc.

Story starter:  The express car zoomed down the road and suddenly……….

Food:   Breakfast  This is something I ate when I was small.  Sometimes it was surved as lunch or supper also.  It had a salad also with the lunch or supper.   3 tablespoons of lard, 3 tablespoons of flour, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 1/2 cup milk, 6 or less boiled eggs.  6 slices of hot toast. Warm the lard, butter or oleo and add flour and salt.  Keep stirring.  Slowly add milk .  You are making a gravy and stir constantly until thick.  Add chopped boiled egg and stir.

For lunch you can make egg salad.

Foil dinner:  stew meat slices onion sliced potatoes, carrots, margarine salt and pepper.  Make  one for each person which you wrap with foil.  cook 30 to 45 —– 350 degrees.


craft and game:  choose some seeds, a tiny pot, dirt, and water.  Mix up some seeds and the children do not know what they will get.  Be sure to choose ones that they do not know.  Let them pick one and plant it and let them discover later what the plant is.  Be sure you write down which ones you choose.  Later let them discover which one by leaf.  As for the craft let them decorate and name their plant

Choose and decide is so important in life.  Right teaches courage.  Have a great day




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