Thinking us as angles we can able of help when in need.Yes do we make our own luck?  First we reinvent how we do certain things.  Then find the mintors we need to engage in our life.  We need to be inspired.  Luck shines out of our eyes.  It is a shinning light who helps up lift others.

Engaging in life inspires us .  Take action and being active participant in your own life are two ways to find some luck aha moment  becomes our guide to be better. You are the one constant factor in making the changes you want to happen in your own life.  Take a good look at your life.

Start new projects; step out your comfort zone complete projects left undone for months or years.  I grabbed one and put it one a table by my sofa.  I re read it and I am going to finish it this week.   I had a container that I hand forgotten over two years ago and found it.  It was marked crafts to finish.   Seek people whose minds you can change or who will change your mind in a way that matters; and remember timing is everything.  Nev easy.  Rome was not built in a day.

It is okay to ask for help.  Change is hard but worth it.  make a goal Choices makes things happen.  Decry, decry I think not .  We think positive and well with our self.  We missed up yesterday but tomorrow we have the challenge to step up out of our comfort zone and change to that beautiful  creative you

Recipes: Baked cheddar eggs: preheat oven 400 in a 10 in ovenproof skillet heat butter over med high heat.  Add potatoes ( 1- 1/2 pounds) cook and stir until golden brown and tender.  Stir in parsley (1/4 parsley), garlic {2 cloves minced), salt and pepper With back of a spoon, make four wells in potato mix; break two eggs into each well   Bake 9 to 11 min.  untill egg whites are completely set        Lunch BLT ; Supper:   Peel a potato for one for two people. Open a can or make a soup of cream of mushroom soup; Use a meat loaf mixture for your  and roll each to a walnut  size.  roll into flour.  fry meat balls in a little oil.   add soup and 1/2 water and potatoes.  Cook on stove with lid.  cook Until potatoes are done.  If need a little add water.

Story starter: The man stood with his camouflage hat and he stared at……

Parenting: Be sure you hug each child every day and tell the  they are of value.


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