Age of a Flower


No mistake I have shown this before.  I was wondering about life as a flower.  When it is wilted and not as nice looking as when it was when it was young, It starts to get brown.  When we get aged some of us get gray and some wrinkles.  Some get bitter with age while others get mellow.  There are others which grow wisdom.  Should we not learn from the old?  I remember old shows where the aged parents would live with their children.  It was a great honor to take care of the old and in turn the old would teach their grandchildren the old ways and how to behave.

I was watching some nature show where some young elephants were misbehaving.  Their owners later found out that the elephants needed male adult elephants to teach them to behave.  Have we failed our young by not seeking the wisdom of the old and making time  as parents to give of our self as good examples and communicate with our young.

As our flowers (our children) grow we need to make time to nourish them and they stay so beautiful.  We need the old as well as the young to learn as much as possible.  It no longer takes a village to raise a child.  It takes a whole world to nourish them right.  The old should not be thrown away nor any child.  Every one is important in the puzzle of life.

Meal: Breakfast: fried eggs. bologna.  Remember if you never fried an egg have low heat.  That is the key.  Lunch: very easy: a cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato; and supper buy or cook rotisserie chicken.  You can make several meals with the chicken.  Chicken pot pie; chicken salad sandwich and chicken salad.  Some even make chicken tacos.  Some times I have had a brain freeze on what I wanted to feed my family.  Other times it was only what I had left over in the frig.

Story Starter: He was looking out of the window and noticed another star ship.  Oh, no what …………………..

Organization:  While you are doing your spring cleaning make your meals easy.  Find a place to hang your clothes.  Find a box or plastic container to put all the clothes that you are going to donate.  Set a goal of 5 outfits.  Before I knew it I spent the whole week on it and had more than 5 outfits and discovered clothes I had not used in ages.  Most of all you can do it.  I believe in you.  If one day you just can not make a decision, its okay and start a new day with I can do this.  I want to share.  If you do not want to give it away but you do not use it, take a picture of it or you can make a blanket with it.

The age of a flower is different with each blossom; some flowers to return better than ever.  Just because some of us are aged– you will loose much with this new generation if you throw away or hide us in an old folks home– the old wisdom of yesterday.

craft and game: each grabs crayons and when called go each person draws something in the room.  They only have a few minutes.  You can decide how much depending how much time you have.

Age of a flower is all in the attitude of the giver.


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