Song of the Beast


I was down and out.  I had tripped and fell over stuff that was on the floor. There was brusing all over my right side.  I just was not watching where I was going.  I decided to put some songs on my phone and before I knew it I was listening the whole day.  The savaged beast in me was gone. Suddenly those around me was cheerful too as we both heard the music.  Yes the music soothed the savaged beast in us.

game: clothes pins and a can.  This is an old game and I do not know where it came from but I played it with many children.  Each person holds the pin to their nose and tries to drop the pin in the can.

organize:  keep going through your clothes.  If it is something else you need to go through do just as the other way go through just five things.  If some days you just can not go through them just remember to do something fun.  It is okay and you can do it; I believe in you.

Parenting: As I see other parents blaming others for their children’s misbehavior I say to them children are responsible for their own actions.   I have heard that there are no bad students only bad teachers. The parents need to best of their ability teach their children respect for their self and adults.

Left over mix up: recipe: Left over steak, fried potatoes, cooked onions, and bacon.  Start to warm them up with some bacon grease.  After bacon is cooked and rest warm beat eggs and throw in the pan with rest of ingredient.  Flip with a spoon and cook until the eggs are done.  This can be used for any meal.  Can add green salad for a lunch or supper.

This space ship came closer and closer to us.  But then it……………………… (you can wait for my version or make your own.

If you feel a little down add some song and do a little dance.  Believe in yourself and when the darkness tries to overcome bring the sunshine in your soul by writing down three blessings that you have.   As you see this as a monster let the song come within to chase the monster inside away.


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