Who am I?


Partly unsure of  who I am.  We as people play many parts.  Sometimes our hats are moms, dads, bosses, workers, craftsmen, teachers, leaders, and other hats.  We look into the sky and say who am I.  We are strength if we stand up for righteousness; we are the goals we make; we are the choices that we make; we can stand through the storms in life if we understand mercy and charity.  Most of all the not give up attitude.   So who am I well I am what nature, mankind, and my attitude molds me.  So we gather in our so called apron of life gifts that help us grow each day.

craft and game: string and macaroni; string them and it looks like bone.  You may use colorful ones and it talk about the history of macaroni and which country had it first.  To make a game of it put a wooden dole inside a piece of wood.  Throw the necklace on the dole.  Can make smaller necklaces.

Organizing and hoarding: Keep grabbing 5 items to get rid of in a box.  Do not give up.  No matter what.  You can do this.  I believe in you.  Sometimes we collect things because it is all that we can control in life or we lost something in this life of great value.  Things are things and can not hug.  Just remember this when you can not get rid of something.  (if you are just reading my blog see the other organization for helping hoarding.)

Parenting: be sure to give each child a box or basket to collect their own clothes.  Teach them how to separate.  I learned to have a box I kept under the coffee table; this was a quick pick up of stuff which could be toys.

Recipe: Chicken salad sandwich: Boiled eggs, mustard, mayo, chicken diced up, salt and pepper, bread and  chopped up butter pickles (if you like it).  Also diced up celery.  Depends on how many people you are feeding.  2 tablespoons per egg.  1/8th teaspoon mustard.  How many chicken you have left over.  The rest on your choice.  If you like deviled eggs you will love this recipe.

Story starter: We yelled in our intercom system all on deck.  Prepare to fight.  The Yelpons are going to attack us.  Suddenly…….

Wisdom: There is someone that is not being noticed.  For heaven’s sake say hi to them.


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