What others do


What others do does affect us in our daily tasks.  Whether it was in the past or present.  Our task is to not let this affect us to accomplish our goals.  Sometime we punish our self for what others do.  We had no control over their choices.  Over and over like a endless loop we punish our self thinking only if I did this or did that things would have been different.  This loop goes on endlessly until there like a computer program something is added to stop that loop.

Even if we could have done something different or we did do something bad.  This loop of punishment does have to stop.   When you find your self punishing your self; think this over what can I do to better my self.  Hating myself will do no good for any one; helping no one.  We are on a road of life and to finish right we need to believe most of us do our best.  Our goal is to do better.   We have the other side of the road: the future.

game and craft: Let them draw two tiny pictures and at least ten doubles.  Turn each over and guess where the other copy is.  Be sure to mix them up.

Hoarding and organizing:  I told you that I believe in you that you can do this.  I am not only telling you but I am telling myself that organizing and get rid of things can help.  It is important that someone tells you that some one believes in you.   Some people go throughout their life where no one tells them that someone believes in them.  Pass it on to others; everyone needs encouragement.

Parenting: Play hide and go seek with you children.  It is a fun way to teach them to hide.  Everyone at the end can laugh.  I know when I named my children and said oh where are them they would giggle and I would know where they were.  If your children are to old to play this game just sit down beside them one at a time by their self ask how their day went and what do they like to do.  Or if they are too young for that play peek a boo to the tiny child.  Remember it is their level that you are trying to reach.

scramble egg day:  Put left over meats, vegetables, or potatoes on the grill or pan and then add the beaten eggs (one for each person) or if not having much eggs add more meats or vegetables.  Adding cheese is a good thing.  Sandwiches can be a meal too.  With a tortilla we is another way the meal con go farther.  Add re-fried beans the taste goes farther.

Story starter and science fiction: Boom Boom the aliens were shooting at us.  Captain what is the plan?

“We are going to……….

Wisdom: Choices come into our life: not forgive? This becomes the loop in our life.  Forgive we stop the loop and progress to the future on the road of life.  Just over the hill–your future–is waiting for you on the other side of the road.


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