Where the Heart is


As we see the family of kittens they are so cute and play with each other.  Do they fight and have a disagreement? Why sure.  The mom will fight for her young and also play with them.  Where the heart is is where you can not resist to cuddle those little ones.  You would not want to hurt them at any time.  Where the heart is is where you care and where you forgive.  I have been told you forgive seventy times seven and when you do you get blessed.  Sure it is hard to forgive.  This is the act to help yourself heal.

Sometimes we collect things because we hurt.  One man told me when I stumped my toe and it hurt I reached for a cookie, “does that cookie make you feel better?”  Maybe we are seeking love in the wrong places by gathering stuff.  We can not make people happy I have been told.  But this make sense.  Some people no matter what they do you can not make them happy.  So I conclude.  Do your best and God will do the rest as long as we are keeping the commandments.

Organization: can make you feel better.  You will find things quicker.  You will not fall so much.  You will be calmer.  As far as paper work I got some ideas from “how to organize just about everything” by Peter Walsh.

Paper: no more piles is you goal; decide immediate what to do with each piece of paper and do not postpone and pile.  Act——Pic up paper and sign it, scan it file it or trash it.  Even ha ha decoupage it on a wall if you need to but no more piles.

Labeled folders and stepped file,.  If you are running out of time scrawl a name for the file at the top of page; date it to see how long you had it so if too long pure it

I saw a show about a man putting dollar bills on his shirt.  It was amazing how many people just took because it was there.  Only one just two dollars and wanted the rest for others.  How many times do we take and take and for get others?


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