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I figured out how to use my camera and take pictures this is the results of my plants as of this date. As we learn more about growing food we need to be patient and loving. It takes a lot of learning and care to grow a seed to a plant. From the plant it produces fruit and boy is that fruit delicious 2 to our lips.

My grandmother collected buttons and my mother did too. At one time buttons were hard to come by. We take for granted the simple things in life. Our forefathers had wagons and hunt and gather food. Most of us don’t Garden or even know how we go to the store and get what we need. I overheard someone was asked where does milk come from the answer was the grocery store. LOL what are we teaching the children. Buttons who’s got the buttons do we remember the simple things in life the rainbows the laughter of a child the water dripping in the brook and sitting our feet in a creek and Mentos tickling are toes. Buttons the beautiful old buttons where have they gone. Respect and honor and telling the truth seem to have Runaway . Where is Mercy and caring. Where is honesty who is fighting for the truth buttons the old time fashion buttons they are hidden in a jar somewhere when are we going to take the old fashioned buttons out of the jar and start telling the truth the real truth and nothing but the truth so help us.

A recipe that I have used for many times as you take a pancake mix and drop tiny pieces of mix the size of a silver dollar on to the frying pan. Next drop some pecans on the batter. Flip when bubbles dry and when done put on a plate with your favorite syrup or Jam or jelly. For a lunch or dinner you may put ham or cheese in your pancakes.

Not raining as for a game play baseball or badman with your children something to do outside we do too many things on the computer and we do not share the memories that we should. I have memories like I’ve said before picky bo. What color at the table.

As we are growing our plants this remember the buttons which represents memories that we instill in our children. We will never get this time again so make the time to give your children a hug.

Have a great day and make somebody’s day by helping someone today.


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