Are we here

L1495511968169-2125542776 two little dogs from the past who are no longer here and there’s owner is no longer here but the memories and the pictures are still here. We are not in the past but we are the product of the past. Are we here do we listen to those around us or are we caught up in the technology and ignore the most important thing we have is our children how does spouse for we will not be able to take our phone with this when we die but the memories that we have that we hold dear to our heart will Fair forever stay in our heart and our soul. Here we are this make the most of it and be the best we can be in this journey we call life.

, western omelette you need bacon onion green pepper is optional eggs milk and tomato be sure to laugh as you grab your leftover chili. Take and warm your pan with with your bacon that is been cut crumbled and Tiny bits. Put the rest of the vegetables that have been cut up into you mix until soft. Beat your eggs and put them into your pan and let them set. flip like a pancake your egg when se. Put your favorite crumbled cheese and to your omelette. Roll your omelette up and poor warm chili over top and place some more crumble cheese on top of that . some people like onion.

Parenting. I often think that bringing in somebody like missionaries into the home once a month for it’s a great idea to help a family grow.



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